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The Advantages of Metal Buildings

The main variables to consider when needing Middletown, Ohio Construction Services are size requirements (now and in the near future), local code requirements, allowable budget, and timing so your business continues running as smooth as possible throughout the construction process. Pre-engineered metal buildings can provide a unique solution and when considering these variables, has advantages over other types of construction for low rise or single story buildings.

Erection time

Butler County Metal Building ErectionThe erection time is another one of the great advantages of metal buildings over their conventional competition. Conventionally framed buildings are pieced together piece by piece from a multitude of suppliers that may or may not have delivered to the site when needed. They also require many months of work onsite, with multiple trades stepping over each other, multiple deliveries showing up for unloading, and some materials being stored onsite for months in the elements and susceptive to theft. Metal buildings, on the other hand, require one erection crew, working for just a few weeks, getting the site under roof quickly and efficiently, to allow for the interior finish and mechanical trades to complete their work. This time savings not only helps costs associated with adverse weather, supplier increases over time, and safety issues, but also gets you into your building and productively using the space long before you would with conventionally framed construction.


Another main advantage of pre-engineered metal buildings is it's acceptance and ease of design to meet local codes and approval by local building officials. Metal buildings are easily designed and manufactured by computer based design methods to take into affect all possible and pertinent load requirements for live, dead, seismic, wind, and snow loadings, to name a few. In the design stage, they are very adaptable for additional loadings needed by the customer and they are also flexible in terms of shape, size and appearance.


Metal building systems can readily incorporate glass, wood, stucco, EFIS, brick, decorative block, stone, and roof hips and valleys to create very aesthetically pleasing, versatile structures that seamlessly blend in with their surrounding environment.

Long Lasting

Metal Building Contruction in Middletown, OhioMetal Buildings are manufactured from high strength steel which have better track records in both earthquakes and hurricanes than most of it's conventional competition. Steel is also non-flammable, which is a major requirement of codes and insurance companies alike. Steel is one of the most recycled materials on earth and its sturdiness and durability allows for long lifespans, long warranties, very low maintenance costs, and adaptability for future structural changes or additions that may be necessary for a growing business. The insulating systems in metal buildings are consistent and abundant relative to other construction types and this allows for a very tight structure with low relative utility costs. The metal roofing can be a much more durable and longer lasting product. Also, metal buildings eliminate the costly possible issues of termites, rot, and mold that may accompany other types of construction over time.

Business Expansion

metal buildings can make the daunting decision of expansion a much easier one. This is a proven system that has been the choice of most commercial and industrial businesses for many decades, and can make your expansion an efficient and profitable experience. All you need to do is to choose a reputable contractor who specializes with and has had successful experience with metal building construction. This would be a contractor who is a registered dealer with one of the premier pre-engineered metal building manufacturers, and comes with reputable references for such projects as yours.

B.D. Morgan & Company, Inc. is based out of Middletown, Ohio and services the surrounding Butler and Warren County areas. We at B. D. Morgan & Company, have been the successful local Star Manufacturing dealer for almost 30 years of our nearly ninety year existence and have a multitude of successful examples of metal building projects to boast from simple small structures to elaborate and visually spectacular corporate headquarter buildings.

Find out the Advantages of Metal Buildings in Middletown.

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